Days 21-25

Days 21-25

Day 21: People on the Cover
Kylar Stern, a.k.a. Azoth. The depiction of the assassin on the cover is one of the main reasons I started this series.

Day 22: I Need to Buy This
Lots of people seem to like this, and from what I’ve heard of the story, it sounds really interesting. It’s definitely high up on the list of books I need to buy.

Day 23: TBR Pile
That’s right, there is no pile. I generally read books as soon as I get them, I rarely give them the chance to stack up.

Day 24: Bookmark
What could make a better bookmark than a library card, right?
I unfortunately lost my favorite (and real) bookmark a long while ago. It was these colored ribbons tied together, and one end had beads on them while the other featured a small metal figurine of a mouse sitting inside an open book.

Day 25: This Gives Me Feels
Santhid, from Words of Radiance. Reading the description of this creature, and then being able to see a picture of how the author actually envisioned it, left me breathless. The entire series is filled with detailed drawings like this of it’s world’s inhabitants. I wish my writers would attempt this sort of thing.


Days 16-20

Days 16-20

Day 16: OTP
I had to look this one up, I’m getting rusty on my internet lingo. I wasn’t sure who to pick really, I’ve never been really moved by character’s romantic relationships with each other. I settled on Vin and Kaladin. They are both serious, no nonsense types. They also tend to not be trusting of others.

Day 17: Spine of Book
I could think of nothing better for this one, than one of Sanderson’s monsters. I mean, who else can put their titles sideways on the spine, instead of up and down?

Day 18: Recommended to Me
I can still remember the day I saw my 5th Grade Science teacher reading this. I asked him about it and he said when he was done with it, he would let me know. He encouraged me to check it out from the school’s library, and it’s still one of my favorites.

Day 19: Book to Movie/TV
I really enjoyed the movie adaptation of this, more so than the book itself. I felt that it was pretty spot on, and held more of an emotional impact than it’s paper counterpart.

Day 20: This Should Be a Movie
I could totally see this being a really good movie, if done well. It would probably still be kind of cool even if it was done badly too.

Days 11-15

Days 11-15

Day 11: Can I live here?
The Uglies Series, specifically, Extras. I would like to live here mostly for the surges, or surgery. You can look just about anyway you want, and it’s cheap/easily accesible. Credits, or income, is based on popularity, but just about everything you could want is already provided for you. They also have some really cool technology, like hoverboards. It’s the 21st Century, why don’t we have hover stuff yet??

Day 12: I’m Reading This Next
The Name of the Wind. This will be my second read through of these books. I love the tale of Kvothe, despite the many criticisms people seem to have with the books and author. I am beyond excited to see how the final book turns out.

Day 13: I Can’t Wait for This
Newest book in the Mistborn series, the series that made me fall into heterosexual love with Mr. Sanderson. And then ANOTHER one early next year? Yes please.

Day 14: Didn’t Finish

The Goblin Emperor. (Yes, that is the actual copy of the book I owned) Didn’t even start it. Not that I didn’t want to… I would of loved to read this, I heard lots of good things about it.

Day 15: Hero/Heroine


Kvothe. Can’t help it. He’s just a bad ass.

Days 6-10

Days 6-10

DAY 6: Favorite Series
The Mistborn Series. This one was recommended to me by a friend, shortly after it came out. Intrigued by the cover and his description of the book, I read it and quickly fell in love with the unique magic system and surprisingly in depth characters.

DAY: 7 Character Most Like Me
“I never make fun of ladies, Blushweaver,” Lightsong said, picking up his drink again. “Mocking a woman is like drinking too much wine. It may be fun for a short time, but the hangover is hell.”
I had a hard time with this one. I picked Lightsong because, despite being a God himself, he doesn’t really believe in his religion. (I’m agnostic myself) He also tends to be really witty and sarcastic, traits we both share. It’s also used as a cover to hide that he’s actually a really good and caring person.

DAY: 8 I Cried… A Lot
-SPOILER- So, yeah this made me cry. Well, misty eyed, because men don’t cry. The main character trains to be a surgeon, following his father’s footsteps. His younger brother gets drafted into the army by their spiteful city overlord, so he abandons his fathers dream and the money his saved for his schooling to join the army with his brother and protect him. He is unable to protect his brother, and he dies. He manages to kill a general with godlike armor, a feat so rare its pretty much considered impossible. The armor and credit is stolen by his captain, who kills his squad, the only witnesses, and then brands him as a slave. After a few failed escape attempts, he gets sold into another army. He is forced to carry siege bridges with fellow slaves. They aren’t allowed any armor, and are basically disposable human shields for the army. At his lowest point, he almost kills himself by throwing himself into a chasm. This character was so well written, and his backstory so tragic and unfair, I couldn’t help but cry when he finds the strength to keep going on. I mean, get teary eyed. Guys don’t cry.

DAY: 9 Favorite Cover
I think I became interested in this book just for the cover.
The whole color theme of the book is white and black, with a splash of red.
The shiny rainbow glossy stuff can be the magic swirls.

Day: 10 I wish It Ended Differently
This was a really amazing book and I enjoyed every bit of it. I loved how detailed it was without ever being boring or slow. The only exception is the ending. It just seemed anticlimatic, and that it dragged on longer than necessary.

Day 1-5

Day 1-5

I was given this photo challenge to try and complete this month.
I have yet to finish one, but hey, here goes.

DAY 1: Introduce Yourself
I’m Rob.
I’ve survived 108 seasons.
My books will probably all be fantasy.

DAY 2: Whatcha Reading?
The third book in this series.
Definitely enjoyed it much more than the first two.

DAY 3: Latest Purchase
Last book of the series, and my most recent book purchase. 

DAY 4: Hardback or Paperback?
Hardcover, all the way.

DAY 5: Bookstack
I don’t have a lot of my books here, Most of them are at my dad’s.
So I just gathered up what I’ve read recently, and topped it up with a survival guide.

Up or down?

A question as old as time itself… or at least as old as the flushable toilet. What should be the default position of the toilet seat? Up, or down?

Why can’t it be situational? You need it up, put it up. Want it down? Put it down. Both parties would share the responsibility. We could call it settled, and put a lid on it. Instead, we want whatever is easier for us.

Ladies need the seat down. Nothing could make them more flush with anger than accidentally forgetting the seat, and plunging their butt cheeks into that porcelain brew. It would be the man’s fault, because he didn’t put the seat back down.

Men don’t need the seat up. We do it as a courtesy, so that pee dribbles don’t get on the seat. We lift it to prevent this issue. If ladies didn’t get mad about this, it could be left down all the time. “But(t), what about a #2?”
Well, have you ever heard a guy say to another guy, “Hey man, what’s with leaving the seat up? What if I gotta take a dump?”
Yeah, neither have I.

Is it a matter of chivalry and respect? Should men do it to be nice?
Is it based on necessity? Should women do it because they need it down most often?

How can this small thing cause such a big splash?
Where do you stand (or sit) on this issue? Comment below and tell the world how it should be, and why.

I wish,

I wish, through wisps of smoke.
A candle, A flame,
Waxen monuments hint.
Counting displays, a time frame.

I wish, on copper folk.
A penny, A cent,
Concrete pilfering glint.
Construct reveals, a plea spent.

I wish, with rocks and dust,
Streaking through the midnight blue.
Light no longer bold,
Grounded down to rest.

I wish, by whitened tufts,
Drifting clean of emerald green.
Dark roots have no hold,
Flying towards their quest.

I wish, using red.
Illuminate eleven.
Pairs of one.
Minutes, in align.

I wish, breaking bone.
Murdering marrow.
Spare no one.
Damage, cross the line.

I wish,
I wish for you.