100 Blank Pages

I have $12 to my name;
($11, after this notebook)
6 black pens,
and 100 blank pages.
A clean slate.

I own 1 piece of furniture;
(in an empty apartment)
4 dress shirts,
and all the space I don’t need.
A fresh start.

28 years of emotions;
(to understand none of them)
plus 17 synonyms,
and they are all unsure.
A new person.

I can remember phone numbers,
but not birthdays,
Pity the starving artist,
but not empathize,
Start over,
but not anew.

I have,
blue lines
and black ink,
an absence of your presence,
and new wings of red and gold.

I have,
100 blank pages,
and the only thing,
I can think to write,
is your name.


Another Fridge Poem


Pale Machine,
Full of not a living thing.

Cadavers, corpses, and the dead,
Show me your graves.

A soulless feast;
taste flesh,
chew power,
take will.

Make me alive.

You would be 5


When asked about today,
I just honestly,
don’t know what to say.
Parents should never see their kid,
light smothered,
then covered
with a lid.
So I don’t whisper,
or even shout.
But just so,
you won’t ever doubt…
I wear your name,
on my chest.
Right there,
Beside my heart.
Even though you rest,
We will never be apart.

Double Up Day (A NaNo Update)


If this image and it’s fellow graphs feel all too familiar to you, then you are most likely a participant in NaNoWriMo, the daunting task to pen 50,000 words in a single month.
The 7th marked the close on the first week of the contest, as well as their Double Up Day. This was a promotion to push writers to either double their word count, or just double their usual writing amount for the day. They also featured it in their donations, a $25 donation got you gifts from the $50 prize pool.
I thought about donating, earning that shiny golden halo on my profile and further fortifying my commitment to my novel. Unfortunately, my bank is better fortified. It’s overdraft fees and diminutive balance are suggesting that next year would be a better choice.
So, I took part in Double Up Day via the wordcount. I’ve been lagging a bit, so I had to do just over 8500 words. Being a slow typer, it took me most of the day, but I managed. The sense of accomplishment was wonderful, and not just my progress today, but altogether. This is the farthest I’ve ever gone on a book, with today alone being more than I’ve written in the previous few months.


My story is picking up now, the pace increasing. A couple days ago I wrote what I thought was an overly descriptive bit. Turns out it worked as foreshadowing for an event I wasn’t sure how to play out. That writing gave me the idea I need to keep the story going. I had decided not to include a certain  character when I first started. In a scene yesterday, she just showed up. I knew I needed her there, and she fit, perfectly. Most of what I wrote feels very much like word vomit, but there is an occasional sentence or phrasing where it is spot on, the words sing from the page, and it feels like a real, true story.

How have you been progressing on NaNoWriMo? Anything unexpected show up in your writing? Write anything really poetic you’d like to share? Hopefully you haven’t had to kill anyone yet, right? That’s a week 2 or 3 thing.
Share your thoughts in the comments below!


What is NaNoWriMo? It stands for National Novel Writing Month and is a web based community built to inspire and support novelists to complete their goal. A 50,000 word novel, in one month.
I first learned of NaNoWriMo after finishing Erin Morgenstern’s debut novel, The Night Circus. She had participated for a few years, and it resulted in her finished book.
The main reason this appeals to me, is the forced deadline. I will spend forever on one paragraph, trying to perfect it the first time around. I get hung up on wording and phrasing and can’t let my rough draft be just that, a rough draft. I’m hoping the limited timeframe will keep me going forward and pushing on.
This will be my third try at finishing a novel. (Not counting my semi-serious highschool attempts.) I did 4-5 chapters in college about magic gemstones that granted elemental powers. Last year I wrote approximately 15,000 words about a great swordsman refusing to serve his king in war, and had his arm amputated as punishment.
I wanted this one to be in a more modern day, urban setting, but still with some fantasy elements. The story focuses on a teenager who recently lost his mother. His father copes badly, losing his job and drinking more. They move to a poor neighborhood filled with gangs, which the main character becomes involved with. The gangs are pushing a new drug, which the kid also gets involved with. Struggling with addiction will be a theme of the book, as well coping with loss and how people try to comfort themselves.
Have you ever participated in NaNoWriMo in the past, or will you try this year? Share your experience or novel idea in the comments below!

Days 26-30

Days 26-30

Day 26: Top 3 Favorites
I don’t think I could ever pick an all time favorite, or even a few favorites. These 3 just happen to be ones I’ve really enjoyed over the past couple years, and are generally one of my usual recommendations.

Day 27: Favorite Villain
Denth, hands down. He manipulates the main character into pushing for war on her homeland. He flat out tells her he can’t be trusted. He tricks her into thinking he’s her friend and working for her.

Day 28: Quote
“Love is temperamental. Tiring. It makes demands. Love uses you. Changes its mind. But hatred, now. That’s something you can use. Sculpt. Wield. It’s hard or soft, however you need it. Love humiliates you, but hatred cradles you.”

Day 29: Chapter
Current chapter I was reading in a book I picked up from the library, A Natural History of Dragons.

Day 30: Read This Month
And here are all the books I have read this month, in order of easiest to stack first, The Price of Spring, The Name of the Wind, An Autumn War, A Natural history of Dragons, & The Wise Man’s Fear.