Double Up Day (A NaNo Update)


If this image and it’s fellow graphs feel all too familiar to you, then you are most likely a participant in NaNoWriMo, the daunting task to pen 50,000 words in a single month.
The 7th marked the close on the first week of the contest, as well as their Double Up Day. This was a promotion to push writers to either double their word count, or just double their usual writing amount for the day. They also featured it in their donations, a $25 donation got you gifts from the $50 prize pool.
I thought about donating, earning that shiny golden halo on my profile and further fortifying my commitment to my novel. Unfortunately, my bank is better fortified. It’s overdraft fees and diminutive balance are suggesting that next year would be a better choice.
So, I took part in Double Up Day via the wordcount. I’ve been lagging a bit, so I had to do just over 8500 words. Being a slow typer, it took me most of the day, but I managed. The sense of accomplishment was wonderful, and not just my progress today, but altogether. This is the farthest I’ve ever gone on a book, with today alone being more than I’ve written in the previous few months.


My story is picking up now, the pace increasing. A couple days ago I wrote what I thought was an overly descriptive bit. Turns out it worked as foreshadowing for an event I wasn’t sure how to play out. That writing gave me the idea I need to keep the story going. I had decided not to include a certain  character when I first started. In a scene yesterday, she just showed up. I knew I needed her there, and she fit, perfectly. Most of what I wrote feels very much like word vomit, but there is an occasional sentence or phrasing where it is spot on, the words sing from the page, and it feels like a real, true story.

How have you been progressing on NaNoWriMo? Anything unexpected show up in your writing? Write anything really poetic you’d like to share? Hopefully you haven’t had to kill anyone yet, right? That’s a week 2 or 3 thing.
Share your thoughts in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Double Up Day (A NaNo Update)

  1. I also just started my Nano this month- though I hadn’t heard about the Double Down Day. I’m probably around the same place that you are, minus that I haven’t planned anything and I’m just going with the flow, which is surprisingly liberating.

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    1. The event was featured on their website, that’s how I learned of it. I was going to start with a blank slate, but I found an outline template I liked. The idea of 30 chapters, each with their vague bit of story I’m aiming for each day, makes it seem more manageable to me.
      Best of luck to you! c:


  2. I missed the double up day! I was so busy this weekend I was unable to participate!!! I feel so bad… Maybe later on this week I will do my own personal double up day.
    Congratulations on your massive word haul! That is fantastic! I love it when Characters just appear and make the story better in ways you never imagined! Don’t be too hard on yourself about your “word vomit” you can always clean that up later. Just get those words down! I wrote my first novel last year and spent the Camp Nano’s cleaning it up and getting rid of unnecessary things and adding events I never knew I needed!! Keep up the good work! Fellow NaNo-er approved!

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    1. Your own personal Double Up Day sounds like a great idea, it really motivated me to get a lot of writing done!
      It’s easier to not edit myself than I thought it would be. I’m excited to go back through when I finish to tweak everything and string it together.

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