Day 21: People on the Cover
Kylar Stern, a.k.a. Azoth. The depiction of the assassin on the cover is one of the main reasons I started this series.

Day 22: I Need to Buy This
Lots of people seem to like this, and from what I’ve heard of the story, it sounds really interesting. It’s definitely high up on the list of books I need to buy.

Day 23: TBR Pile
That’s right, there is no pile. I generally read books as soon as I get them, I rarely give them the chance to stack up.

Day 24: Bookmark
What could make a better bookmark than a library card, right?
I unfortunately lost my favorite (and real) bookmark a long while ago. It was these colored ribbons tied together, and one end had beads on them while the other featured a small metal figurine of a mouse sitting inside an open book.

Day 25: This Gives Me Feels
Santhid, from Words of Radiance. Reading the description of this creature, and then being able to see a picture of how the author actually envisioned it, left me breathless. The entire series is filled with detailed drawings like this of it’s world’s inhabitants. I wish my writers would attempt this sort of thing.


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