Day 16: OTP
I had to look this one up, I’m getting rusty on my internet lingo. I wasn’t sure who to pick really, I’ve never been really moved by character’s romantic relationships with each other. I settled on Vin and Kaladin. They are both serious, no nonsense types. They also tend to not be trusting of others.

Day 17: Spine of Book
I could think of nothing better for this one, than one of Sanderson’s monsters. I mean, who else can put their titles sideways on the spine, instead of up and down?

Day 18: Recommended to Me
I can still remember the day I saw my 5th Grade Science teacher reading this. I asked him about it and he said when he was done with it, he would let me know. He encouraged me to check it out from the school’s library, and it’s still one of my favorites.

Day 19: Book to Movie/TV
I really enjoyed the movie adaptation of this, more so than the book itself. I felt that it was pretty spot on, and held more of an emotional impact than it’s paper counterpart.

Day 20: This Should Be a Movie
I could totally see this being a really good movie, if done well. It would probably still be kind of cool even if it was done badly too.


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