Day 11: Can I live here?
The Uglies Series, specifically, Extras. I would like to live here mostly for the surges, or surgery. You can look just about anyway you want, and it’s cheap/easily accesible. Credits, or income, is based on popularity, but just about everything you could want is already provided for you. They also have some really cool technology, like hoverboards. It’s the 21st Century, why don’t we have hover stuff yet??

Day 12: I’m Reading This Next
The Name of the Wind. This will be my second read through of these books. I love the tale of Kvothe, despite the many criticisms people seem to have with the books and author. I am beyond excited to see how the final book turns out.

Day 13: I Can’t Wait for This
Newest book in the Mistborn series, the series that made me fall into heterosexual love with Mr. Sanderson. And then ANOTHER one early next year? Yes please.

Day 14: Didn’t Finish

The Goblin Emperor. (Yes, that is the actual copy of the book I owned) Didn’t even start it. Not that I didn’t want to… I would of loved to read this, I heard lots of good things about it.

Day 15: Hero/Heroine


Kvothe. Can’t help it. He’s just a bad ass.


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