Up or down?

A question as old as time itself… or at least as old as the flushable toilet. What should be the default position of the toilet seat? Up, or down?

Why can’t it be situational? You need it up, put it up. Want it down? Put it down. Both parties would share the responsibility. We could call it settled, and put a lid on it. Instead, we want whatever is easier for us.

Ladies need the seat down. Nothing could make them more flush with anger than accidentally forgetting the seat, and plunging their butt cheeks into that porcelain brew. It would be the man’s fault, because he didn’t put the seat back down.

Men don’t need the seat up. We do it as a courtesy, so that pee dribbles don’t get on the seat. We lift it to prevent this issue. If ladies didn’t get mad about this, it could be left down all the time. “But(t), what about a #2?”
Well, have you ever heard a guy say to another guy, “Hey man, what’s with leaving the seat up? What if I gotta take a dump?”
Yeah, neither have I.

Is it a matter of chivalry and respect? Should men do it to be nice?
Is it based on necessity? Should women do it because they need it down most often?

How can this small thing cause such a big splash?
Where do you stand (or sit) on this issue? Comment below and tell the world how it should be, and why.


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