I wish,

I wish, through wisps of smoke.
A candle, A flame,
Waxen monuments hint.
Counting displays, a time frame.

I wish, on copper folk.
A penny, A cent,
Concrete pilfering glint.
Construct reveals, a plea spent.

I wish, with rocks and dust,
Streaking through the midnight blue.
Light no longer bold,
Grounded down to rest.

I wish, by whitened tufts,
Drifting clean of emerald green.
Dark roots have no hold,
Flying towards their quest.

I wish, using red.
Illuminate eleven.
Pairs of one.
Minutes, in align.

I wish, breaking bone.
Murdering marrow.
Spare no one.
Damage, cross the line.

I wish,
I wish for you.


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