This Little Piggy

You know the game right? Someone squishes your little foot nubs between their fingers, and with a wiggle, describe the random activities that this little piggy participated in. Going to the store and eating roast beef, you know, all the usual pig stuff.

I was playing this game with my son the other day. We made it through one foot, and then did the other one. You can’t just do one of them though, it has to be both. Apparently feet don’t handle jealousy well. Anyways, I always do this for him, and I thought it was time he repayed the favor, so I asked him to do mine.

I pulled off my socks and Ezra didn’t even hesitate. Although he didn’t have the whole bit memorized, he did go toe to toe, saying “piggy” and giving each a little handshake. (I’ve been told I possess freakishly long toes) When he got to the big one he finished with, “Wheeeeeee! Home.”

It was very touching and endearing, and the way he did it was so adorable. Definitely one of the moments that parents live for, the ones tjat remind you this job is worth every minute of it. He must of thought he hurt me though, mistaking my misty-eyedness for pain, because he then asked “What’s wrong?” Which of course was just even more cute.


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