Toddler Tough

My toddler is tough. And the funny thing is, right as I started this post, he must have somehow known. He came right up to me, pointing out his booboos. He couldn’t find the one on his cheek, so he asked “where’d it go?” in his I’m-combining-entire-sentences-into-one-word sort of way. I guided his finger to the scrape under his eye. He then showed me his knee, and told me about it. “Knee” and “uh oh” were his choice of words, because he couldn’t see that one under the band aid. Then he pointed back to his face again, “another one!” Nope, same one.

Mommy and I were coming back from getting ice cream with him, and he was running up and down along the bridge. He crashed at one point, coming down on his knees first, before faceplanting. Now, if I had done that, I would of been yelling and holding my face;  swearing at my stupidity and lack of basic motor skills. He on the other hand, just got right back up and started running, like nothing happened.

His invincibility isn’t just from the power of ice cream either. I remember when we took him to get shots, and he got a 3 for 1 special. He didn’t even flinch on the first two. The nurse prepped the last shot, warning us that it was the doozy,  a guaranteed tear jerker. I can vividly recall him getting stabbed, and then getting this really goofy, sad looking, frown. It was comical, seeing the look of broken trust on his face and the distraught it caused him. Other than that though, he never cried or wimpered.

Even spankings are pretty much ineffectual. Any crying is generally brought on because he is being punished, and is shocked we’re actually carrying it out.

He’s pretty much a super hero.
Unless he doesn’t get something he really wants. Then he’s still the biggest baby ever.


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