Never Been Kissed

My friends have learned to accept my awkward weirdness and eccentricity, but it went largely under appreciated by my fellow classmen in highschool. So as a result of my social ineptitude, I didn’t go to my Junior or Senior Prom.

Fast forward to the present.


Multiple event promoters from our  area, led by T.J. Harris, host an adult prom. Music, dancing, drinks, spiffy suits and purdy dresses. All for the adult crowd. A redo for anyone and everyone who never got the chance.

It was all galaxy and space themed. Each stage was its own planet, with UFOs and aliens scattered throughout the venue. ET was spotted in his customary blanket covered basket. Even Buzz Lightyear and Superman made an appearance.

A lot of hard work and time went into this event, and it was great to see how it all came together. There was a great turnout, and not just from the younger crowd either, I saw quite a few older couples. It was amazing watching our city come together like that. I’ll be going to Prom every year if our community can pull it off.



We’re All Animals

Mommy and I took our 2 year old son, Ezra, to the Pittsburgh Zoo.


Last time we went he was pretty young, so we were hoping he’d be a lot more interested in them this time around.


He recognized a bunch of them, and knew their sounds. He didn’t stay at any one animal for too long. He has the attention span of… well, a 2 year old.


We still had lots of fun though, and I’m always amazed by how much he grows and learns.


Why bother, Blogger?

  I have blogged in the past, mostly throughout my highschool years, and a little after, via Xanga. My writings were mostly just ramblings of how my day went, or who I did or did not like. Eventually I stopped writing, and gravitated more towards the Myspace/Facebook crowd.
  So why start it back up again?
  Kids, when asked what they want to do when they grow up, have the best answers. They want to be astronauts, or presidents. They have no limits or boundaries on their dreams. I was no different, I wanted to be a magician and a writer. Seeing as I know one magic trick with a rubber band, an illusionist is not a promising career choice.
  I can, however, write. Or I like to. I like it enough to write a novel. Tips for a great novel generally include practicing your craft. I will get plenty in while writing book(s) but I need something that won’t be worky, a place to dump the miscellaneous. Plus it’s encouraged to have a fanbase, so to speak, set up already when it comes to publication. Waving wands or beautiful assistants won’t do all the work.
  So what can you expect? Shenanigans of my 2 year old toddler. Musings of life, the universe, and 42. Book ideas, characters, excerpts. And just anything random.